My Books

Writing has been central to my life since I created “stores and powms” at the age of six. I create children’s stories, educational French games and study materials.

Sirene Book photo

La Sirène d’Ushuaia is the first of my children’s stories to be published (although by far not the first I have written).  It is available for purchase in soft cover through createspace and Amazon and will soon be available on Kindle.  I recommend La Sirène d’Ushuaia for children 8 and older to enjoy alone or with their parents.



My second bi-lingual children’s book, What to do with a Pinwheel is currently being illustrated.  My grammar text Everything I Needed To Know About Life I Learned From French Grammar will be published by the end of 2016.

Flirty French Flashcards at Parkfairfax Sweet Art Sunday

I have a “Flirty French” family game that is available for purchase through this web site.  It is appropriate for all ages.

I am also creating flash card study series for grammar, French travel vocabulary and role play and exam prep.  They will be available for purchase by the summer of 2016.