10 good reasons to Learn French

The Houston Consulate General of France published this list in 2009.  It is well done and could be a terrific resource for teachers.  If you scroll to the bottom of the post you will find a link that will allow you to download their original as a pdf.   1. A world language More than 200 million […]

Frozen’s “Let It Go” in French

I teach French for a few hours a month at a Montessori preschool. The kids are obsessed with the film Frozen and constantly ask me to sing “Let It Go” for them in French.  So here it is, complete with a transcription of the lyrics:   “Libérée, Délivrée” from La Reine des Neiges:  

Joyeux Poisson D’Avril!

On April Fools’ Day in France children make and decorate paper fish and then tape them to people’s backs.  When their “victim” finds the paper fish on his/her back the person who put it there calls out “Poisson d’Avril” (“April Fish”). If you want to play this joke on unsuspecting friends and family members but […]

Montpellier et Accent Français (École de Langue) Par Ma Brillante Étudiante Joanne

Vous cherchez une excellente expérience d’apprentissage de français en France? Vous devez considérer Montpellier.  Bien que j’avais été en France plusieurs fois auparavant, c’était  ma première expérience à une école pour la langue française.  Après beaucoup de recherche, j’ai choisi Accent Français parce qu’il correspondait à mes critères : une bonne expérience pour améliorer mon français,  […]

A Celebr “-ATION” of French Nouns

Today’s French concept is quite useful and one of my personal favorites. Now, I don’t advocate for being lazy when it comes to learning a language but I do appreciate a good shortcut to make things easier. Let’s explore how most English “-ATION” nouns convert to French easily (with some minor accent and spelling changes). But […]