4th Postcard from Gary at L’Institut de Français

I have been working with Gary for three years.  He recently took part in an immersion program at L’Institut de Français in Villefranche-sur-mer and agreed to send me updates on the institute and his experience there.  This is his fourth “virtual postcard”.  If you haven’t read the others yet make sure you do.  Elles sont fantastiques aussi!

Bonjour Melissa.

I had to present my “exposé” (a 15 minute presentation) yesterday.  The teacher was very complimentary.  He specifically mentioned my “control” of all the verb tenses, and even called me “an acrobat” of verb tenses.  It was pretty weird; they tell us at 9am who the lucky person is that has to present their expose at 4pm that afternoon.  So there is no time to prepare at all, because we’re busy in classes all day.  Luckily I had an idea ready.  I did make some mistakes with “an” and “année”. . . I still can’t remember what I did wrong, and what’s right!  Also the teacher said I use “puisque” too much.  He said puisque is cool, but “it’s like chocolate, a little is better than a lot!”  One of the other students asked me how I learned French and I told them all about you, that you were married to a Frenchman for seven years, that you did your Ph.D. at Tulane, etc.

À bientôt!  Gary

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