Welcome! I’m Dr. Melissa Kerley and I’m ready to help you learn French in DC or on Skype! I have a Ph.D. in French from Tulane University and 28 years experience teaching French.  In the course of my career I have taught French to every grade from preschool through college in traditional academic settings and have given private lessons to individuals and groups of all ages and levels.  I’ve lived and studied extensively in France and studied in Germany, Italy, Mexico and French Canada.  I was the head of the Foreign Language Department at The Field School in Washington, DC for 3 years and ran my own language school (Speak Abroad) in Vero Beach, Florida for 4 years.

My specialty is teaching people a lot of French very quickly so they can pass important exams.  The Foreign Service Exam, graduate school proficiency exams and the ACTFL exam are a few I have helped with.  I also offer crash courses that help people get their French where it needs to be in order to meet other types of imminent deadlines.  Not only do I teach French in DC and on Skype really fast – I also teach it really well.